having been a competitive swimmer and now a collegiate pole-vaulter, MADI MUSCLE has been immersed within the world of athletics for most of her life. it was only natural, that once she started attending NYU, she began teaching group fitness classes at its local gym. more recently, in an effort to formalize her expertise in fitness, she acquired her NASM personal training certification.

today you’ll find her pole-vaulting, running, and training in a number of creative ways, depending on where she finds herself and when – after two major reconstructive foot surgeries. thanks to her multi-sport competitive exposure, she is also incredibly knowledgable regarding cross-training and nutrition.

it’s no surprise that to madi, health and fitness is not only a hobby, but a way of life.

personal training services

madi takes on a limited number of fitness clients each quarter — clients who are also music enthusiasts and are keen on creating a holistic plan around fitness and lifestyle. she takes on clients whom she makes a connection with, versus targeting a specific age, fitness level, or any other criteria.

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