songwriter, performer, audio engineer, producer, and fitness enthusiast

both a product of NYU’s famed clive davis institute of recorded music, and a performer-pianist well before her feet could touch the ground, madi loves music about as much as she loves life.

as a teenager, she was a fierce competitor in both swimming and track & field — at the state, regional, zone and national levels. today, she is a collegiate pole-vaulter who decided to more formally demonstrate her passion for fitness, by completing her NASM personal training certification.

MADI MUSCLE is the pioneer of MUSCLE MUSIC — music that is created specifically for fitness — with perfected, consistent tempo. she composes music with the express intentionality to use it for fitness; combining music and fitness in a way that’s exciting, attention-grabbing, and useful.

after starting to create write, produce, record, and mix MUSCLE MUSIC, madi quickly realized that producing music for the sole purpose of working out is pure magic. listen for yourself: MADI MUSCLE’s first single — “ROLL & ROCK”.

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